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Bad Weather, Good Movies: The Hundred Foot Journey and Le Weekend

It might rain here in L.A. today; the skies are drained of blue and there's that mugginess filling the air, begging for release. 

Don't you love those days when nature invites you to take a walk in the warm summer rain? When you're armed with the right umbrella, walking in the rain can make for a magical adventure, especially if you have the luxury of free time to take it slow. 

Rain shuts down production on The Hundred Foot Journey
Image courtesy: Sally Tharpe Rowles Between Here and There

One such rainy day about a year ago found Sally Tharpe Rowles wandering the French village of St. Antonin where The Hundred Foot Journey starring Helen Mirren was filming. 

The rain shut down production, at least temporarily and Sally grabbed some interesting shots of the scene, like this one of a group of extras trying to stay warm and dry.

As the film comes out August 8th, I've been visiting Sally's blog and sharing some of her posts about the making of the movie here. Today, I'm checking in with her "Mauvais Temps" [Bad Weather] post where she shared some of those rainy day photos.

Rainy summer days also say it's okay to hide away inside, ignore the great outdoors and catch up on a good book or an afternoon movie. 

A movie like Le Weekend. Over at my friend Paulita's Dreaming of France meme - where I met Sally - Paulita has written a review of the film Le Weekend, the Paris-set movie starring Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan and Jeff Goldblum. Paulita makes it sound awfully good particularly for those of us in longer term relationships. Check out her take on the movie which is easy to downstream via Amazon, Google, etc.

Here are the trailers for both films. Enjoy:)