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The Giver in Black and White [New TRAILER]

In all the attention on The Fault in Our Stars this weekend, you might have missed the new trailer for The Giver set for release August 15th. 

After the first trailer had book fans booing the lack of black and white imagery, this newest trailer aims to appease by delivering a bit more of the gray palette we expect from the Lois Lawry's classic. Still a whole lotta color going on though.

And I'm still not thrilled with the age of Jonas as played by Brenton Thwaites. While he does seem younger on screen than his actual 24 years, he's clearly nowhere near the young boy coming of age we know from the novel. Typical Hollywood sexualization of the material.

I've been looking forward to Jeff Bridges as 'the giver' but was a bit taken aback by Bridge's voice. His own tone is so rich and gravelly in its own right, I wouldn't have thought he'd do much; instead to my ear it sounds as though he's speaking through a mouthful of marbles, trying a bit too hard to sound like the voice of gravitas.

Take a look at the trailer. What do you think? I hope I'm wrong, I seriously adore the man.