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Josh Hutcherson is Speechless in First "Mockingjay" teaser trailer

Brainwashed Peetah has nothing to say in this dramatic teaser trailer for Mockingjay [part1] but simply stands in the corner, blank faced, curiously-coiffed and possibly wearing lipstick while President Snow calmly delivers his presidential addresss, a dire warning to the people of the districts. 

The pure white palette is in complete contrast to the darkness of Snow's oppressive rule - we all know the president only looks 'pure as the driven snow'. It sounds like this is an advertising piece which won't appear in the film; what do you think of how they play this like it's an actual presidential address from Capitol TV, no movie studio logos etc?  
At this point the film makers know we don't need a commercial to tell us who the movie stars, we know who the players are. We're acutely aware of the stakes, and I don't know about you, I think it's kind of a kick the way they've broken the fourth wall. 

President Snow warns 

IF you resist the system ... if you fight against it ... it is you who will bleed

We're also acutely aware of this being the last of Philip Seymour Hoffman's career, Hoffman's part is reportedly being completed with the aid of advanced technology. In other words they're going to recreate Hoffman in order to finish the movie, which frankly is almost as frightening as the dystopian future Collins presents. There's something deeply disturbing about crafting a performance for someone who is no longer living; I suppose it will come down to how much they had to manipulate what they already had but it feels creepy, and the consequences, down the line, may be horrific as well. How little of an actor do they need to capture on film in order to then manipulate and make into something else? Just an iota. I find that frightening.

So far fans have been thrilled with the translation of the Hunger Games to the screen. As we know, Mockingjay, the last book in Suzanne Collin's series, is being made into two movies, both being directed by Francis Lawrence who also helmed Catching Fire, which many fans claim is even better than the first film in the series.

"Panem today Panem tomorrow Panem forevever"