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Helen Mirren is a Michelin star winning chef in The Hundred Foot Journey [Trailer]

Did you catch the spot for the upcoming Helen Mirren movie, The Hundred Foot Journey on the Tony awards last night?  I've had the movie plugged into my Guide to Movies Based on Books 2014 for awhile now but this is the first time I'm seeing the trailer. [BELOW] 
Ms. Mirren plays Madame Mallory, the owner and chef of a Michelin star restaurant who ultimately mentors a young chef whose family opens an Indian eatery across the street. The young chef Hassan, is played by Manish Dayal, his dad, by popular Indian actor, Om Puri. Charlotte Lebon is a sous chef and stirs up the romantic interest in this food lover's fantasy. Dreaming of France friends, this one's for you. How do you find the marvelous Mirren's French accent? 

The film is directed by the highly acclaimed Lasse Halstrom who gave us My Life as a Dog, Cider House Rules, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and Chocolat so we can rest assured the material is in the best of hands. But I don't know, as much as I adore Helen Mirren, it's possible she didn't let her accent bake quite long enough.

The movie based on the book by Richard C. Morais has both Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg on as producers and opens August 8th.