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Q&A | The Fault in Our Stars Author John Green & Director Josh Boone

John Green getting made up for his cameo in The Fault in Our Stars
The scene got cut.

The Fault in Our Stars movie is almost here, just one more week. In the meantime I ran across this Q&A with author John Green and director Josh Boone over at the Forever Young Adult web site. The pair attended the advance screening of the movie at the Alamo Draft House this past weekend. Check out the link for more fangirl stuff like Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort welcoming everyone to ForeverFest and apologizing for not being there in person. Green and Boone made up for their absence, they ended up egging a car with their Forever Young Adult hosts Sarah and Brandy. Those Texans have all the fun! Scroll down to the bottom if you need a trailer fix, the flick opens next week, June 6th! Will you be at the midnight showing?