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Picture Paris: A short and funny love story

I love me some Julia Louis-Dreyfus; whether it's Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine, VEEP, or Enough Said, Louis-Dreyfus is on of the women who actually gets me not only to LOL but LMAO. She's one of the funny funny females who've absolutely demolished the 'women aren't funny' myth. 

I told you about Picture Paris last February, that's the short Louis-Dreyfus and her husband Brad Hall created together about a woman who flees to France looking for love when her kids go off to college and her marriage flounders. It's darkly funny and offers the Francophile lots of lovely French scenery and ambience. And totally makes fun of our French fantasties. Now the film has been released on iTunes and there's a new interview with Louis-Dreyfus at The Hollywood Reporter that I thought you'd enjoy. 

Here's a snippet from the interview-

How difficult was it to shoot in the streets of Paris? 

It's not easy at all. It was very hard to get permits, so we had to sort of run and gun and steal shots the entire time. It was crazy! There's a scene that takes place in the Louvre at night and we shot it lickety-split before anyone noticed. Our producer Julie Snyder was such a huge help there. We couldn't have done it without her.

And here's the trailer ... I love the Edith Piaf music and the ironic French film tone. Enjoy!

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