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Melanie Griffith is Facing the Wind with Evan Rachel Wood and Alessandro Nivola

There is still news trickling from Cannes. This morning we learned Melanie Griffith has joined the true-crime movie Facing the Wind opposite Alessandro Nivola, Vera Farmiga and Evan Rachel Wood. 

The movie is based on Julie Salamon’s book Facing the Wind: A True Story of Tragedy and Reconciliation. It's the story of Bob Rowe, a New York lawyer who killed his wife and three children in 1978 and who avoided prison by pleading insanity.

Nivola with Bradley Cooper/American Hustle

Nivola will play the killer who searches for redemption while Farmiga is attached to play Rowe’s first wife, who he killed. Evan Rachel Wood plays his second wife, the woman he starts his new life with. Griffith, Jennifer Beals and Rita Willson will play women in a circle of close-knit friends who share the bond of grief and anger about the murders as they confront  Rowe’s second wife.

Joe Berlinger will direct and produce the film along with Elizabeth Fowler (“Devil’s Knot”).

Production is set to begin later this year in and around New York City.