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Dressing Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace Lancaster: The Fault in Our Stars Costume Design

It's Your Basic Hazel Grace: a white thermal and a jean jacket

Speaking of The Fault in Our Stars - weren't we? -  what do you diehard nerd-fighters out there think of what costume designer Mary Claire Hannan has done with Hazel's look? I love how she takes her from Hazel Grace's easy, could-care-less vibe to the softer dressier look of Hazel out on a romantic date with Gus.  I've included the extended trailer along with some of the looks below. 

Hannan's credits date back to the early 1990's  and include a ton of majors; Into the Wild, Serendipity, Jackie Brown,The Kids are Alright, Sabotage.  She's prepping The Longest Ride, the adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks movie set to star Clint Eastwood's son, Scott. He's making a name for himself; I haven't seen him at all to say one way or the other if the climb is based on his name or his talent. Hard for a guy to get out from under the shadow of a giant like Clint though; good look to him. 

Back to The Fault in Our Stars wardrobe!

Not crazy about the jacket; its cut, color, collar or choice of fabric! I do love that pop of color with the red berry cardigan sweater that Hazel wears over the white shirt.

Now this is cute. I actually saw this online at www.shopyourtv.com; a site where you can shop for the same clothes the actors wear in movies and tv shows. The striped cap sleeve dress is from Halston Heritage and costs $244.99.  What do you think of the price? Do you think Hazel would ever spend that much on a dress? Of course, the dress is for a very special occasion.

I had a dress this exact shade of blue in the eighties. It had a huge collar that threatened to swallow my whole head! I went on an old television show - the Match Game with Chuck Woolery - wearing that dress with the crazy collar. My buzzer didn't work - no really, it didn't work - and I lost. I did win a perfectly useless garbage disposal as a consolation prize. Useless because as a single woman renting an apartment there wasn't a whole hell of a lot I could do with an InSinkerator. I think I sold it in the Penny Saver for $25. 

But I digress - We don't get a good look at the full length of the coat on Shailene but judging from the site's image, it's a great looking, slightly edgy coat. I love the cut away look and buttons just slightly angled. Is it a little too fashion-forward for Hazel's down to earth character? The jacket by Marc Jacobs is sold out on the sight. The price tag? About $350.

The shopping site shared another The Fault in Our Stars image paired with a retail offering.  Originally priced at $136 you can pick up this little black dress (Fit & Flare by Taylor) at Nordstrom for $82. Hazel pairs it with a black cardigan. A very odd choice if this turns out to be the dress Hazel wears for the funeral scene. The see thru overlay makes it look more appropriate for a party. Agree? No?  

Let's check out the trailer and then if you're still jonesing for more The Fault in Our Stars news, you could go here More TFIOS