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3 Things John Green Loves about his book being made into a movie

"I couldn't believe a major Hollywood studio was making a movie in which the female lead has tubes in her nose the entire time. That took guts. It's an extraordinarily faithful adaptation. The producers and the studio are very conscious of the Nerdfighter community and, in a healthy way, a little bit scared of them."

"I live in Indianapolis, where the book is set, and I put [a character] in [former Indiana Pacers star] Rik Smits's jersey in one scene in the book. Getting a Rik Smits jersey into a movie was pretty exciting for me, and it's actually my jersey, so that was pretty cool. It's an old-guy thing."

"Meeting [TFIOS costar] Willem Dafoe was amazing, because his parents lived five doors down from my parents. I often saw him when I was a little kid, but I was always too terrified to talk to him. And then he was in the movie version of my book, which was surreal. And I was like, 'I grew up on your dad's street.' He was just shaking his head for the next three days [Laughs]."

"It's an old guy thing"??? What the hell, John? You're thirty six years old! How are the real old guys supposed to feel, you know, the forty year olds? 

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