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Will 'Cold in July' be Hot in May?

"The film comes out in May, see? so I thought I'd make a little play on the temperature/month connection ... okay, I can see it was a bad idea. Do ya think I need an ediotir editor?" she asked sheepishly.
Here's the daily post:)

Got a case of Dexter-deprivation? Here's the cure; the first trailer for Cold in July. According to Deadline the film stars Michael C. Hall as Richard,  "a small-town guy who’s hailed as a hero after he offs a burglar. But then the crook’s ex-con dad (Sam Shepard) shows up with vengeance on his mind and Richard’s family in his sights. But do the cops know more that they’re saying? Cold In July also stars Don Johnson as a private eye. "

Here's the storyline if the movie stays true to Lansdale's book:

"Richard Dane shoots and kills a burglar in his living room, setting off a bizarre chain of events. It starts when the thief's father, Russell, threatens to take an eye for an eye by slaying Dane's son. Then Dane and Russell are thrown into a violent race without rules, heading toward a grisly, dark and inevitable truth. From the author of Mucho Mojo."  Barnes&Noble Overview
A bizarre series of events? A violent race without rules? A grisly, dark and inevitable truth? Sounds like my kind of rom-com. Have you checked out the trailer yet? Now, would be a good time:) More after I watch it.

Wow, that looks intense. It also looks as though director Jim Mickle is holding true to the book; they sure didn't bury Joe R. Lansdales's name which signals to me that the movie is a celebration of the novel - if that could  even remotely be the right word considering the book's 'grisly, dark and inevitable truth.' 

Cold in July, based on Joe R. Lansdale's novel, was scripted by Nick Damici. Damici and Mickle are often a matched set, teaming up previously on We Are What We Are, Stake Land, and Mulberry St. Cold in July comes out in theaters and VOD on May 23. Let me know if you've read the book; I'd love to hear what you think.