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The Blue Room at Cannes 2014

Catching up with Cannes: French actor/director Mathieu Amalric in development on Stendahl's Red and Black, has taken a break from the project to adapt and star in The Blue Room, based on the Georges Simenon crime novel. Lea Drucker and Stephanie Cleau also star. Amalric is best known to North Americans for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Quantum of Solace and The Grand Hotel Budapest.


According To Inrocks, Simenon wrote the story, published in 1963 in 11 days. 

Vain, womanizing Tony and passionate, manipulative Andree meet eight times in eleven months in the blue room at the Hotel des Voyageurs for afternoons of abandoned love. For Tony the conversation that last time was just the casual, almost commonplace talk of lovers. But for Andree It was something else. And it led to inevitably to an appalling double murder and a nightmare which Tony couldn't escape.

The movie debuts in Cannes which runs from May 14 - 25th. Should we preview the trailer? Actually it's a teaser trailer, just 29 seconds long and without English subtitles so good luck to those of us whose french is limited to Ou est la bilbliothèque? Got mad French skills? I'd love at whack at the translation. Thank you.