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Life on a film set: there's nothing to see here, folks

Following my tradition of sharing some sort of easy video with you on a Sunday, here's a very dull one.

The footage was shot by someone calling themselves Harpazo Restrainer and purports to be a behind the scenes clip from Gone Girl. Just in case you're harboring the notion that life on a film set is all fun, action, glamor and excitement, this should set you straight. Movie making can be thrilling; try telling that to all the people milling around waiting for something to happen here.

Boring, right? What's not boring is the trailer; let's take another look. As we all now know, author Gillian Flynn and director David Fincher collaborated and came up with a new ending. Hate or love that idea, the truth is we don't know whether the quick cut we get of Amy floating in the water, looking deceased, is real. Is Amy Dunne really dead? Or is that just a fragment of a nightmarish vision? I'm excited to see what they've done but I - and I suspect most of you - will be annoyed if it doesn't mesh with what we love and hate about the couple and their story. 

My favorite thing about the trailer still might be Richard Butler from the Psychadelic Furs singing She. 

Check out the Gone Girl movie website; It's set up to look like a news television station is providing coverage of the disappearance of Amy Dunne aka The Amazing Amy. Flashing bits of search-related footage come and go. 

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