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Have you found your happiness? Hector and the Search for Happiness trailer

I'm writing this from one of my favorite places. In bed. I sleep with the curtains open so that every morning I can wake to my view of blue sky and the large tree outside my second story bedroom window. I've got my first cup of coffee of the morning next to me on my bedside table. Starting my day this way, especially lazy Sundays when I can take a little extra time to stare at the sun sparkling on the tree, lighting up the leaves in a hundred shades of green, makes me happy. As does that first sip of the coffee, the sight of my son crashed out on the couch, and that addictive Happy song from Pherrell Williams. But Meet the Press is on in the background; and while this is one program that consistently delivers a deeper look at the real news, I know that sometime during the hour I'm sure to hear something that will make me decidedly unhappy. And so it goes. 
I had a tiny burst of unhappiness when I looked back in time and discovered that the trailer I previously shared for Hector and the Search for Happiness is gonzo. But that was a fleeting and terribly minor dose of unhappiness; I'm not sure why the trailer stopped working but I've replaced it on the original February 6th post. And voila, happiness restored. Since it is my slacker Sunday, I'm reposting it here this morning. The film is still a long way off - August at the earliest - but I like the looks of it. I'm hoping for strong performances from two strong females - Rosamund Pike and Toni Collette plus another quirky turn from Christopher Plummer to seal the deal, but for me, it's the notion of this shrink, Hector, going on a search for happiness that has had my curiosity since day one. How about you? Are you searching for happiness or have you found it? Is it 'findable'?

By the way, if you notice the trailer isn't working - this one or any of the trailers I share - I'd be glad of the heads up. Thanks!


  1. I remember watching that trailer and it did work before. I can't believe you didn't link to Dreaming of France. Maybe everyone is too busy to dream of France. Sigh... I know what you mean about the sky and having family around and nothing scheduled. Well, I've heard about having nothing scheduled.

    1. I think I felt like I'd linked the Hector and the Search for Happiness story on Dreaming of France fairly often before; I was worried about boring your peeps with my movie madness! Hey, there's always time to dream of France, ne c'est pas?


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