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Gone Girl : First trailer stars Ben Affleck and SHE

After all my months of whining about Ben Affleck being not quite right for Nick Dunne - too old, not the lean and lanky look I imagined Nick to be - now that I've watched the just-released trailer I'm beginning to see just how right for the role Ben is! My son says Affleck has a face you want to hit which is Nick to a T. 

As for Rosamund Pike as Amy, while the song 'She' is all about her, the actor is barely seen in the trailer, emphasizing that Amy Dunne has in fact, gone missing.  The old Charles Aznavour tune, first used for the British TV show Seven Faces of Woman in the 70's, is still mesmerizing. I'm partial to the Elvis Costello version used in Notting Hill but this rendition from Richard Butler of The Psychadelic Furs haunts in much the same way. It's deliciously ironic used here, don't you think?

While we get glimpses of Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry), Go (Carrie Coon) and Detective Boney (Kim Dickens) I didn't catch Desi Collings (Neil Patrick Harris) or Andie (Emily Ratajkowski), although it's possible they were standing in the shadows. There was a sense of darkness, not just thematically as a fair amount of scenes take place in shadows and half-light. If you haven't seen it yet, give the trailer a look and see what you think. So often there's just too much spoilery stuff in trailers but I like that this one doesn't go too far; the mystery is intact. I'm sort of excited to see how the film differs from the book - we already know the ending has changed but how? We'll find out October 3rd.