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FIRST TRAILER: A Most Wanted Man starring Philip Seymour Hoffman

I first wrote about A Most Wanted Man when the film made its debut this past January at Sundance. We had no idea then that we'd soon lose its star, Philip Seymour Hoffman, making the film not only one of Hoffman's last but one that will surely get a lot examination in light of his death. Hoffman also appears in the Hunger Games adaptations, Mockinjay parts one and two, and the upcoming God's Pocket based on the Peter Dexter novel, all of which can be found  my guide to this year's films based on books.

Lionsgate has just released the trailer for the A Most Wanted ManBesides the obvious mastery of the German accent, it looks like the actor turned in another brilliant Hoffmanesque performance. Robin Wright, Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, and Daniel Bruhl.


  1. Oh, goodness. I had completely forgotten that he was cast in this movie. You're so right about the scrutiny that this film will be under. I am looking forward to it.

  2. Wow!
    Thank you for telling me of this. Hoffman is my favorite actor, and now I have yet one more movie to look forward to. I've been currently re-watching all of his old ones.

  3. I'm as excited as you guys are. And very stoked about the God's Pocket movie based on Dexter's book too. I'm wondering how Mad Men's John Slattery will fare as director.


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