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First look at Saoirse Ronan as Ellis in Brooklyn based on Colm Toibin's novel #book2movies

A couple of weeks back I shared some images of Enniscorthy, the Irish locale where Brooklyn is currently shooting. Based on Colm Toibins eponymous novel, the film stars Saoirse Ronan and Domhnall Gleeson.

It's a terrific story about a young Irish woman (Ronan) who emigrates - not without hesitation - to Brooklyn in search of a better life. She leaves behind her family and the beginnings of a romance (Gleeson). Not surprisingly she finds new romance in her new world with an Italian American (Emory Cohen), life gets complicated when tragedy calls her home. When I first picked up the book I was expecting a period drama set in the 19th century, but Brooklyn takes place in the 1950's, one of my favorite periods, for period dramas. Period.

Saoirse Ronan as Ellis and Maeve McGrath as Mary
Image via Daily Mail

Take a look at this fan-shot piece of footage shot by Cathy Keane - before it gets yanked - with a first look at Saoirse Ronan walking down the street as Ellis. It just occurred to me that being born in the 50's myself probably has a good deal to do with why I find the look and feel so attractive. Straight skirts and sweaters, those are the clothes my mother wore; my parents took us for Sunday drives in cars like the big black vehicle we see in the clip, my siblings and I bouncing around in the back seat sans seat belt. Ours was a Plymouth I think; can you tell what make of automobile this is? 

Odile Dicks-Mireaux is the Emmy and Bafta award winning costume designer charged with fashioning the look of the clothing; she gave us Carey Mulligan's transformation from school girl to the sophisticated-looking object of desire in An Education, and took Ann Hathaway from awkward and quirky to graceful and self-assured in One Day. Dicks-Mireaux won her Bafta for Masterpiece Theater's Great Expectations starring Charlotte Rampling.

An Education
One Day