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The Giver: First trailer for the sci-fi classic is here.

"When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong."

That's the formidable voice of Meryl Streep as Chief Elder in the just-released first trailer for The Giver, the upcoming movie based on Lois Lowry's sci-fi classic. Take a look and see what you think; so many quick cuts I can't quite process it! Taylor Swift is in there somewhere; did you spot her? 

I've been irritated, and let it show, since day one by the casting of Brenton Thwaites as Jonas, signaling the filmmaker's intent to age the young character in a bid to cash in on the YA sci-fi fantasy film popularity ala Hunger Games and Twilight, and possibly, Divergent depending on how the movie is actually received when it opens tomorrow. Nothing I've seen here in The Giver trailer changes that, the kiss between Jonas and Fiona (Odeya Rush) doesn't look like a young adolescent move to me. Boo hiss. 

While the world of the novel is a colorless place, devoid of pain, the world of the film seems light, bright, and yes, colorful. I suppose director Phillip Noyce and co. thought it would be too radical to expect 2014 audiences to sit through a basically black and white film.  Not sure that would have been the way to go either, just an alternative approach. 

The Giver stars Thwaite, Streep, Jeff Bridges as the Giver (the person responsible for holding the painful memories of the society), and Alexander Skarsgård and Katie Holmes as Jonas' parents. 

The Giver opens August 15th. Will you choose to see the movie? Before you decide, remember what Meryl says, "When people have the freedom to choose, they usually choose wrong."

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