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Neil Patrick Harris: On Having 'Robotic Sex' in Gone Girl

I've been impatient to catch a look at Neil Patrick Harris as Desi Collins in the David Fincher directed Gone Girl, in post production now for its October 3 release date. So far no luck on the images but the openly gay Harris recently spoke out on the subject of his sex scene with Rosamund Pike in the April issue of OUT magazine. Fincher's approach is fairly cut and dried:
"We had to rehearse the sex scene with David [Fincher], like every inch of it - 'Then you put your mouth on his d**k here, and then this number of thrusts, and then you ejaculate'. It was weird because we're technically breaking down the sex scene," he explained.
"He wanted it to be almost robotic, that we know exactly where we are, position-wise, where everything goes. And yet, through all of that, the whole 'I'm gay' element was never even thought about."
That's something to look forward to; that and the whole new ending author Gillian Flynn has written for the movie.

Harris also told the magazine that women still want to marry him, despite the fact that he's not heterosexual. 
"I've found that a lot of girls have no issue with me being gay," he said. "They still want to marry me, and I love that."
I'm pleased for the actor but ladies, please! Move on!