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Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin share a kiss in Still Alice

Back in November we learned that Lisa Genova's Still Alice was heading to the screen with Julianne Moore in the titular role of the college professor diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. I made the point that the film would be tough to watch - at least for me because my mother had Alzheimer's and I'm sure for many of you too; hard to escape knowing someone who has been stricken with this horrendous, unrelenting, dehumanizing killer.  I thought it might be tough for Julianne Moore; just contemplating the complete loss of self that comes with Alzheimer's is a harrowing and emotional prospect.

But enough of my gloomy predictions - spotting this image from the set of Still Alice online, of Ms. Moore making out with Jack Donaughy er, Alec Baldwin made me laugh. Baldwin is playing Moore's husband, Dr. John Howland although for a 30 Rock fan it's hard to divorce the pair from their wicked television series romance. I like the look of that kiss; if a picture tells a thousand words I'd say Moore is pressing herself into Baldwin with a passion that doesn't come from desire, but from a desperation to be known. 

Enough of the amateur psychology, the cast shooting in Long Beach, New York, included Kristen Stewart and Kate Bosworth who play Alice's daughters Lydia and Anna, along with Shane McRae as Anna's fella. McRae was Skeeter's awful boyfriend in The Help.

Have you read the stunning and disturbing book? The film comes out sometime next year.