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Hateship Loveship: The Modernization of Munro's classic story stars Kristen Wiig

I'm a sucker for a movie that tells me it's about 'being on the outside, and finding a way in.' Based on an Alice Munro short story, Hateship Loveship stars Kristen Wiig as Johanna Parry, a shy, plain woman hired to clean house and look after Mr. McCauley's (Nick Nolte) granddaughter Sabitha (Hailee Steinfeld). Her mother is dead, her dad, Guy Pearce is a deadbeat. A deadbeat, with a killer smile, good looks and a drug additction.

Sabitha and her rotten little friend, Edith, begin communicating with Johanna via email, pretending to be Sabitha's dad Ken, pretending to be romantically interested. And Johanna, primed for victimhood, bites.

Munro's story - Hateship Friendship Loveship Courtship Marriage - has been updated from its' mid-century roots and moved out of its Canadian setting into the American midwest, but seeing Wiig as Johanna arrive in town, dowdy dress skirting her knees, in a bus that could be right out of Munro's story it looks as though the film maintains Munro's tone. 

I'm a mega Kristin Wiig fan; seeing the vulnerability she was able to harness even in a hilarious comedy like Bridesmaids, gives me great confidence that she'll summon Johanna's outsider character.

The scenes in the trailer where we see Johanna kissing herself in the mirror, and then finding herself face to face with Ken, only to realize it's all been one big practical joke are shatteringly painful!

Directed by Liza Johnson, Hateship Loveship's cast includes Jennifer Jason Leigh and Christine Lahti. I can't wait for April 11th when the film hits theaters for a limited run. 

Check out the trailer; do you agree?

If you're following my personal site, Sim Carter Stories, I'm on a huge high because James Stafford is running my memoir piece Beach Music on his Why It Matters site. James is a really wonderful writer himself and an editor over at The Good Men Project. Feeling very grateful!