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Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman: Holmes at Home


Update 1/2/2016: Sherlock. The Abominable Bride aired last night, almost two years in the waiting! I loved it especially for its feminist slant. Because they program spent so much time in the alternate universe of the 1890s, we didnt get a good look at Sherlocks present day digs. For those of you who dig the show in part because of its contemporary swag, this retread is for you.

I know. Its the mystery, and the Sherlock Holmes/John Watson bromance that brings you to Sherlock, but the eye-popping production design has you drooling over the wallpaper. Me too. If your addiction has driven you online in a glazed-eyed hunt to satisfy your craving, feeding an addiction your pal Holmes knows only too well, then surely, surely, you've found Sherlockology.  The seriously groovy site provides not just the usual cast and episode story info but lots of links to the places where you can find the stuff that gives Sherlock its bold and quirky signature look. Sherlocks living room wallpaper, for instance, an oversized chocolate flocked fleur de lys pattern on a metallic background is Navarre from the Nuryev Collection and you can buy it for just over a hundred pounds per roll from Tangletree Interiors. Zoffany, the maker, also sells it via wallpaper direct and ships overseas.  You're welcome. 

Not here for the wallpaper? 
Sit back with a cuppa and indulge in this hour long interview with Benedict Cumberbatch. Its really less of an interview and more like the interviewer tossed out a couple of questions and Benedict ran with them. One thing is crystal clear, Benedict Cumberbatch can talk! He goes on at great length, the delight being how extremely articulate, self-effacing and interesting the actor is as a man, a human being. If you're a fan, youll find this irrisistable. 

You asked for it, youve got it! Every month a couple of thousand of you come here wondering if Benedict Cumberbatch smokes. Some of you want to know is whether he smokes weed. These are pretty typical key search words :
does benedict cumberbatch smoke
benedict cumberbatch smoking
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The answer is both.

On the subject of smoking weed’ in my most popular post Ten Things I Know About Benedict Cumberbatch I quoted the man himself as told to Stephen Galloway in The Hollywood Reporter. On the subject of the ciggies, talking about working with Meryl Streep on August Osage County, Cumberbatch mentions they went out for a smoke. So yes, Benedict Cumbertatch smokes. And thats it for that. 



  1. I haven't watched Sherlock, but the set is definitely eye-catching. I'm not really curious about whether Benedict smokes, but if that is his real name, I bet he got a lot of teasing in school.

    1. What's crazy is that both his parents are actors - they've played themselves on the show - and neither uses the name Cumberbatch. His dad goes by Timothy Carlton, his mother ,Wanda Ventham, kept her maiden name.

    2. I remember him mentioning in an interview (Alan Carr's Chatty Man) that he did get teased in school for his name. The worst nickname he got was "Bendy-dick Cum-on-my-baps." I'm glad he kept his name though. :) A special name for an amazing, unique, and kind person.

    3. And I thought the kids calling me Simonize wax was bad! Thanks for dropping by Lianna, I appreciate the comments. I must say everytime I've seen him in a talk show situation, he does come off as cultured, classy, and yes, kind.

  2. Is it bad that when you see someone this intelligent smoking, all you want to do is rip the cigarette out of their hand and slap them upside the head? This isn't meant to insult any smokers out there, but come on :'(

    1. I'm so glad I quit! How do you feel about Domhnall Gleeson, he's playing Jim Farrell in Brooklyn and from the looks of it, he's a smoker too. Heads up Domhnall, Sami's about to rip that cigarette out of your mouth! It's fine Sami, you're just concerned about their health; they should be grateful:)

  3. I used Sherlockology when I was planning my trip to London -- London is practically a character in the show, so I wanted to make sure that I soaked up some of the atmosphere.


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