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Michael Caine's Last Love #book2movies

November 15, 2011. That's when I first posted that the French novel, La Douceur Assassine by Françoise Dorner was being turned into a film with Michael Caine, Clemence Poesy, Jane Alexander, Justin Kirk and Gillian Anderson. In the film, titled Mr. Morgan's Last Love, Caine plays an American widower who develops a special relationship with Clemence Poesy, much to the chagrin of his daughter played by Anderson.
February 18, 2013. We finally got the first trailer for the Sandra Nettelbeck-directed film where we got our first listen to Caine's odd American accent. Not sure where in the states he's supposed to be from but be that as it may ... 
July 29, 2013. We got another trailer last summer and the promise of a US release date in October. I don't know about you but if Mr. Morgan's Last Love was actually released in US theaters, I missed it. And I live here in movie country where we have access to a wide variety of independent films. If I missed it I'm betting a bunch of you did as well. 

No worry; what did your mother - make that your granny - used to say? All good things come to those who wait. The wait is over. You can now see the movie via Amazon Instant Video where it's available to stream for about four bucks. Don't search for Mr. Morgan's Last Love, a funny thing happened on the way to the movies, somewhere along the line the title was changed to simply Last Love. Did you pick up the difference on the two posters? 
Did you happen to notice the tag line "It's never too late to love life again" which makes it clear that the friendship between Caine's character and the much younger woman is platonic rather than romantic, a relief if you were weirded out by the idea of Alfred making out with a woman young enough to date Bruce Wayne. 

I'm going to try to get to it in the next few days; curious to hear what you think of it as well. I haven't checked the reviews but having heard so little about it they can't be raves. There is that strange American accent of Caine's to contend with! On the other hand I can promise some beautiful wide French boulevards and to-die-for Parisian apartments with glorious high ceilings.  Perhaps that, along with a score by the acclaimed Hans Zimmer, is enough. 

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