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Great Gatsby's costume designs from Catherine Martin: From a sketchy start to award nominee

A few days ago we took a second look at Catherine Martin's dazzling Oscar-nominated production design for The Great Gatsby. Martin is also up for her equally stunning costume design. And since she's also nominated in both categories for a BAFTA - Hollywood types are dashing around London getting set for the February 16th awards show tomorrow - it seems like the right time to remind you of their stunning dazzle-ocity. I am so not a fashionista but these sketches from Martin's own hand make me drool. And take a look at my original Great Gatsby costume design post while you're here. I may be nutso but I can't imagine Catherine Martin winning in both the costume design and production categories; will they want to reward so much glitz and dazzle when the world is caught up with questions of income and opportunity equality? Am I out of my mind to think that even enters into the equation? Most likely. 

Connect with BAFTA to see all the nominees. 

In the Costume Design category Martin is competing with fellow BAFTA nominees:
 American Hustle
Michael Wilkinson
Behind The Candelabra*
Ellen Mirojnick
The Invisible Woman
Michael O’Connor
Saving Mr. Banks
Daniel Orlandi

In the Production Design category Martin is competing with fellow BAFTA nominees:
12 Years A Slave
Adam Stockhausen, Alice Baker
American Hustle
Judy Becker, Heather Loeffler
Behind The Candelabra*
Howard Cummings, Barbara Munch-Cameron
Andy Nicholson, Rosie Goodwin, Joanne Woollard

* Isn't the inclusion of the HBO television movie Behind the Candelabra at the BAFTAS surprising? Not so much when you realize that the highly acclaimed film played in theaters in Britain, not on the telly. 

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