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Atlas Shrugged: So Who is John Galt?!

Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? is the last of producer John Agiolani's three part adaptation of Atlas Shrugged, the controversial Ayn Rand novel. The film, set in 2020 for this version, has already wrapped principal photography after a short seventeen day shoot. Still, writer/director Jim Manera, a commercial director brought in to give the film 'a complete overhaul' promises 'a very different movie from the first two' - neither of which did well. Rob Morrow is set to play steel magnate Hank Reardon. Laura Regan who you've seen in a ton of TV stuff plays Dagny.The score could be interesting. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Traffic member, Dave Mason, is involved on the music side of things. So who is John Galt? Kristoffer Polaha who you might know from Ringer.  

The story, to quote Deadline -
"The story follows railroad executive Dagny Taggart as she navigates her way through an inefficient economical culture. The book endorses free enterprise with no federal regulation, and the dystopian tale ultimately sees the great minds of industry shutting down their factories and disappearing to join a “strike” led by John Galt. In the novel, Rand challenges altruism and moral obligation and boldly celebrates reason, capitalism and individualism. The 1,200-page tome, according to Manera, “is a cry out for freedom from the shackles of inefficiency.”
The film is scheduled to come out this fall.

Pass. Unless you care to convince me otherwise?