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The Railway Man: Watch the trailer. It's all we have. No, wait ... don't!

I shared some stunning photos from The Railway Man last fall, along with the first trailer for the film. The movie's just opened in the UK but we still don't know when it will be hitting the states. The release of a new trailer, the first official US trailer, offers hope but no release date. Sigh.  On the other hand, this trailer - which sounds great - tells me way too much of the story; I won't watch it again and hope by the time the film does come out here, it will be fresh again. 

WARNING: This trailer gives too bloody much away! Watch it at your own risk.

The lowdown on the plot from FirstShowing.net
"Along with thousands of other British soldiers captured by the Japanese during the Second World War, Lomax (Colin Firth) was forced to work on the construction of the Thailand- Burma Railway, the so-called Death Railway. When a secret radio he had built was discovered, he was brutally tortured by a Japanese officer. With paralyzing flashbacks and dreams crippling his relationship with his wife (Nicole Kidman), he decides to seek revenge on his torturer."
The film's cast includes Stellan Starsgard and Jeremy Irvine as the young Lomax. He's the young actor who was thrust into the spotlight when Steven Spielberg cast him in War Horse. He feels a bit insecure about finding fame so quickly as he reveals in this Telegraph article. 
"I did worry after War Horse," he says in his plummy tones, eerily reminiscent of Prince Harry's. "I thought: 'The last thing I want to be is a flash in the pan.' So rather than doing some of the silly franchise movies I was offered, I waited six months and then did an indie movie to prove to myself it wasn't just a fluke and I actually could act in a film."
That indie was Now is Good, the film based on Before I Die by Jenny Downham. You can read my take on the book here if you like. The film starred Dakota Fanning as a girl with incurable trying to check off her bucket list before she dies. It didn't do well with critics or the public but it's available on dvd and blu-ray, and to stream on Amazon Instant Video. I'm glad this came up as I'd completely forgotten about the movie which I'd been meaning to see; I bet I'll find some redeeming value in it.