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Casting Ten Thousand Saints: Emile Hirsch

It's official. Variety and Ten Thousand Saints author Eleanor Henderson have both reported that Emile Hirsch has joined the cast of the upcoming screen adaptation, and that filming begins today in New York CityNo one is definitively saying Hirsch has been cast to play Johnny but who else but Teddy's brother and the devotee of the straight edge punk music could he be?  

Hirsch joins Asa Butterfield (Jude Keffy-Horn), Hailee Steinfeld (Eliza) and Ethan Hawke (Lester) in the story of the troubled teen (Jude) sent to live with his father in NYC when he spins out of control after his best friend's overdose.  Hirsch recently received raves for his work in Lone Survivor but for me the terrifying Into the Wild always comes to mind. Hirsch has an edgy intensity that should work well; I can picture the handsome Hirsch, complete with the clean shaven head Johnny's character rocks, leading the younger Jude on a crazy game of laser tag throughout the city with the two racing through the subway system, hopping dangerously from one train car to another. While Johnny's character doesn't do booze or drugs, he gets high by facing fear head-on.