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Boy: Adam Driver is on a roll

If you watched the season opener of Girls last night, you probably get what drives us crazy about Adam Driver. His 'Adam' character is a complicated mess, at once selfish and boorish, and driven largely by testosterone, he can also be sweet and tender and even charming. He's taking care of Hannah, after all, making sure she takes her OCD meds, and while he does so begrudgingly, he finally does manage to bring it at Hannah's small dinner party, listening to Marny's moan and giving her advice and reassurance. Even if Adam could care less about Hannah's friends, and really doesn't get what she sees in them, he does what she asks anyway. He's responsive.

That's a side of Adam Driver I expect will be on show in the adaptation of Jonathan Tropper's This is Where I Leave You due out in September; Driver plays younger lover to Connie Britton who he brings with him when he goes home to sit shiva for his father, and yes, acts like a major ass. Currently Driver is filming While We're Young for his Frances Ha director, Noah Bomback, in which he plays 1/2 of a free-spirited couple. 

Both are roles one can easily see Driver in, but what does Martin Scorsese have in mind for him? After all he's not going to make another crazy Wolf of Wall Street where Driver's uninhibited, almost exhibitionist vibe would fit right in, anytime soon. Bizarre as it sounds, according to CinemaBlend, Scorsese wants to cast him as a Jesuit priest! The director has finally, finally come round to actually making The Silence by Shukasu Endo.  He optioned the book back in 1990! ; we were talking about it over a year and a half ago at which point - and under the threat of a lawsuit - Scorsese promised to hurry it up already. Now it looks like that's actually happening. It's a very somber, sober story about a pair of 16th century Portuguese Jesuit missionaries, Sebastian Rodgriguez and Francisco Carpes, who travel to Japan, in search of a fellow missionary who has abandoned the calling of his Christian faith. Driver would presumably play one of the three key Jesuits. The Silence is supposed to get underway this summer, and according to Cinema Blend, the unofficial cast list is said to include Andrew Garfield and Ken Watanabe. 

Adam Driver as a Portuguese missionary in 16th century Japan; how much trouble can he possibly get in?