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A Long Way Down : The first trailer is finally here

JOY! Sheer unadulterated happiness. The first trailer for A Long Way Down has finally arrived. I ADORED this book - yes, I'm shouting, I'm so thrilled to finally see something on film - and I've got my fingers crossed that the film does justice to Nick Hornby's brilliantly dark and hilarious and moving work about four suicidal people who meet on New Years Eve and agree not to kill themselves before Valentine's Day.  Take a gander at the trailer and please, fellow Hornby fans, let me know your thoughts.  I'll share my first impressions after I take a close look as well. 

I have to admit the trailer has taken me a bit by surprise; from what we're given here it's quite a bit lighter and broader than Hornby's more nuanced novel which while extremely funny isn't exactly a picnic in the park. Hornby's beautifully rendered relationship between Jess (Poots) and JJ (Aaron Paul) seems to have been turned into something out of a giggling rom com. I hope not, I'm praying it's just the way this particular trailer was cut. Brosnan seems perfect as self-loathing Martin, but Toni Gillette is given very little to do here as Maureen, the mother of a severely mentally disabled teenager, so miserable she's ready to die.  I'm wondering if the focus is on Poots and Paul to appeal to 1) younger audiences and 2) to get a little free pr traction due to Paul's Breaking Bad success? 

What do you think? Does the trailer look like the film will do Nick Hornby's book justice? I'm trying to stay optimistic but as an ardent fan of the novel, I have that dreaded sinking feeling. 

A Long Way Down still doesn't have a US release date  - the Jack Thorne-scripted (curse you sir!) film starring Pierce Brosnan, Toni Gillette, Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots is slated to open March 21st in the UK.

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