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The Wolf of Wall Street: Jonah Hill is a Big Deal

This latest poster for The Wolf of Wall Street is notable for one big reason: Jonah Hill. Hill's performance as Danny Azof, Jordan Belfort's co-conspirator in living large and largely illegally, has generated some early 'supporting actor' Oscar buzz. So it's a bit of a surprise, as Buzzfeed - where the poster made its' "exclusive debut" - points out, to see Hill share above the title billing with DiCaprio (Befort). It's the first time it hasn't been just Leo's name up there. Kind of a big deal. And visually, while I'm drawn to Leo smack dab in the middle, there's Hill looming large to the upper right, dangling his shoe in my face forcing my attention away from DiCaprio. Looks like Jonah is movin' on up!

If you plan on seeing The Wolf of Wall Street when it opens Christmas Day, make sure you schedule in plenty of time between holiday happenings. The movie, even after cutting some sex and drug scenes in order to score an R vs an NC-17 rating, clocks in at 2 hours 59 minutes, director Martin Scorsese's longest film ever. Three hours; that's almost intermission worthy, isn't it? I hope I can make it without a break, I'm keen on seeing it not just cuz I'm a Scorsese and DiCaprio fan, I'm excited for the arresting visual style. Remember how I droned on about in  Leo and lines and squares, oh my ! 

It looks like it's gonna be one helluva ride ...

Beyond Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey The Wolf of Wall Street boasts a strong cast including Jean DuJardin, Kyle Chander, Margot Robbie, and Jon Favreau. I noticed Spike Jonze on the imdb page playing some guy named Dwayne.