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Shailene Woodley is Sundance Bound with White Bird in a Blizzard

Sundance has announced its' 2014 line-up, a whole slew of enticing titles for those lucky enough, and well-heeled enough to snag passes, tickets, transpo, food & lodging. Plus cold weather gear; the winter fest gets underway mid January in Park CIty, not exactly springtime in Utah. See that picture of Shailene Woodley standing in the middle of a blizzard? I'm pretty sure they shot that at Sundance so go ahead so don't forget the hat and gloves too.
Tops on my list of movies to see would be the premiere of White Bird in a Blizzard starring Shailene Woodley along with Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Shiloh Fernandes, Gabourey Sidibe, Jacob Artist and Sheryl Lee. Based on Laura Kasischke's 1999 bestselling thriller, the movie was adapted for the screen and directed by Gregg Araki, the edgy indie filmmaker who has been putting out a film every two years or so since the 80's.

Filmed pre her The Fault in Our Stars Hazel haircut, Woodley plays Kat, a sixteen year old girl whose mother suddenly disappears. Woodley is among my favorite of today's young actresses; I haven't seen The Secret Life of An American Teenager but I loved her honesty in The Descendants, and this past summer's The Spectacular Now. She's also got Divergent based on Veronica Roth's bestseller coming out next year;  you've gotta love an actress who specializes in characters based on books. 

Have you read the book yet? It's currently out of print and I'm not sure if they'll do a movie tie in edition for such a small picture. If not you'll have to buy it used or check the stacks at your local biblioteca. Here's the story - 

"When Katrina Connors' mother walks out on her family, Kat is surprised but not shocked; the whole year she has been "becoming sixteen" - falling in love with the boy next door, shedding her babyfat, discovering sex - her mother has been slowly withdrawing.As Kat and her impassive father pick up the pieces of their daily lives, she finds herself curiously unaffected by her mother's absence. But in dreams that become too real to ignore, she's haunted by her mother's cries for help. Finally, she must act on her instinct that something violent and evil has occurred - a realization that brings Kat to a chilling discovery. 
Wish they'd release the trailer; I'll post it when they do.