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MITTY: Blue on Blue, Heartache on Heartache

If you want to roll this up and wrap it under the tree for me, that'd be fine. The poster for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, with Stiller's image bouncing off every conceivable surface, the gorgeous blue hues, the glowing lights, and Stiller as Mitty striding across it, may be a deliberate stirring of my particular emotions, but I love it. 

There's something so nerdy and needy and ultimately relatable about Ben Stiller. He's us; yes, even those of 'us' who are women.  Ever made a joke to mask your fear, cover your embarrassment? Used humor to deflect hurt? That's your inner Stiller. The actor/director son of the great comedy duo of Stiller and Meara has made a mint off of his characters' deep insecurity blanketed with bravado; that bravado, that need to prove himself to the pretty girl, to Mary in Something About Mary, to Pam in Meet the Fockers, despite the taller - always taller - uber confident, sexy guy, is a theme that shows up again and again in his films. Ever the underdog, usually hilariously so, from what I've seen via the trailers and interviews for Mitty, Stiller seems to be mining his own inner life once again, but this time digging more deeply and honestly than ever before,  potentially revealing his own wary heart to less comical, but more nuanced emotional effect. 'Hey guys, he seems to be saying, here I am, warts, hairy back and all. If you only look deeply enough,  you might even find something beautiful inside.' 

What can I say? I'm a total sap.

Directed by Stiller, Mitty also stars Kristen Wiig as Mitty's coworker and romantic interest with Adam Scott as his demanding boss. The core filmmaking crew includes frequent Stiller collaborators: the cinematography is by Stuart Dryburgh - did you catch him in the roundtable I posted?, production design is by Jeff Mann, music by Theodore Shapiro, costumes by Sarah Edwards with Greg Hayden as editor. 

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty opens Christmas Day. More on Mitty, the daydreamer, and why the message shouldn't be STOP Dreaming, Start Living but rather, Start Living Your Dreams.

Mitty opens Christmas Day here in the states. Check out where it opens in the rest of the world here; Good news to those of you across the pond, you won't have long to wait! For the time being, fellow saps, enjoy the trailer.