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Are you 'The Wolf of Wall Street? The Rolling Stone video review.

Phew! There's nothing like the magic of Christmas but, oh what a relief it is when it's over!
I know one of the pleasures of the season for many of you is seeing one of the much touted big movies of the year. And I know for many of you that big movie was The Wolf of Wall Street.  

I'm linking to Peter Travers' video review - it's a quickie - but wanted to highlight a couple of points the Rolling Stone film critic makes. Travers suggests that The Wolf of Wall Street is the end of a trilogy, with Goodfellas and Casino being parts one and three.
"All are about chasing the money," he says, adding with a chuckle that the murderers in Goodfellas might be a bit more appealing than the awful Wall St. tycoons.
"Does Scorsese say you should love these people? Is that what it's about?" asks Travers. "Of course not. He's looking at the American character; he's looking at us all." 
"It is hilarious, it is scathing, it is a picture of America that offers no sentiment," Travers says. "Scorsese tells the truth about America, and if you can take it, boy do you get it in The Wolf of Wall Street."
Do you agree with Travers? And what does it say about our society that guys like Belfort are glorified in the media, with tons of young men hankering to be just like him?