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What does author SJ Watson think of the film based on his book 'Before I Go to Sleep' ?

'Waiting on a Friend'
A worried-looking Christine (Nicole Kidman) waiting to reunite with her best friend Claire (Anne-Marie Duff) in the screen adaptation of SJ Watson's Before I Go To Sleep.

And I'm waiting too, for a trailer or at least a release date more specific than '2014'. In the meantime, if you were wondering what SJ Watson (the S stands for Steve) feels about the film, this is what he told fans on his Facebook page  
"Lots of you asking when the film's out. It's likely to be early 2014. Also, lots wondering whether it'll do justice to the book (thank you!) - I've read the script and seen some of the early footage and, trust me, it'll blow your socks off."
Well that's a relief.

Save the Date: While we don't have an specific date yet for 2014 here in the states, Before I Go To Sleep is currently set to open in Sweden on April 11th, followed by Australia on on the 7th of August and Denmark on the 25th of September. What a spread! 

Have you read the book yet?  Here's my take on SJ Watson's thriller.