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George Clooney and other less ravishing writers at The Hollywood Reporter's Writers' Round Table;

Sunday, Sunday. As many of you know I like to take it easy on Sunday morning soooo I'm going to revel in Sunday slackery and share one of The Hollywood Reporter's "Round Tables." Every year, during this pre-awards season, THR gathers together groups of top industry professionals - writers, actors, young actors, directors, etc around the table for a discussion of their craft. The conversations last about an hour and never fail to fascinate me. It's quite different watching and listening to these talented individuals sharing challenges and disappointments and talking with each other rather than seeing them on a network television talk show where everything is performance and surface and what's important is whether you have a funny anecdote rather than whether you wrote or acted in or directed an exquisite piece of film and how that process worked. I can't help it; I love process.  And as we learn over and over again, it's process that counts. End results - on the page, on the screen, on the canvas, in the garden, in the kitchen (you get the drift) rarely meet our expectations so you'd be wise to focus on the moment and love the journey.

That preachy Sunday morning lecture over, please to enjoy The Writer's Roundtable. The panel includes George Clooney and Grant Heslov (The Monuments Men/adaptation), John Ridley (12 Years a Slave/adaptation), Danny Strong (Lee Daniel's The Butler/adaptation of a magazine article),  Jonas Cuaron (Gravity/original screenplay), Nicole Holofcener (Enough Said/original screenplay) and Julie Delpy (Before Midnight/original screenplay). I finally saw Before Midnight yesterday, thank God at home and alone, because I spent much of the movie sniffling and sobbing. What a spot on examination of love, marriage, parenthood, traveling through this amazing life and the way we are. So powerful!

If you don't have time to watch the roundtable you may want to schedule some time to stop and smell the roses. In the meantime you can speed-read the full transcript at THR.