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Reese Witherspoon Going "Wild" with Photos

"So excited to play @cherylstrayed in a movie!" 

Just discovered that Reese Witherspoon is keeping a pretty cool online photo-journal from the Oregon location where the actress* is currently shooting Wild. Reese, both producing and starring as author Cheryl Strayed, posted the above image to her WhoSay account; and tweeted it to her 88.6 thousand followers. 

Cheryl Strayed with her 'Monster' backpack    Image via Wild by Cheryl Stroud

Wildbased on Cheryl Strayed's memoir about hiking the 1100 mile long Pacific Crest Trail, is currently shooting and Strayed, who has been spending time on location with the cast and crew told her facebook friends-
 "It's an extraordinary experience to see Reese Witherspoon dressed in the clothes I wore on the trail, her hair the same style and color as mine then, with my beloved/loathed Monster on her back packed just the way I packed it. I'm humbled and awed and so excited for you to see the movie!"
I'm humbled and awed by the amazing terrain Strayed was able to cover with zero experience as a hiker!  Look at this dazzling - and daunting trail! Witherspoon expressed her feelings with this cryptic tweet...

"She hiked in this for ten days?!! #Wild"

You can follow Reese on twitter using @RWitherspoon and WhoSay here. 

*I'm always conflicted about the use of actor vs actress but as Ms Reese self-identifies on her twitter profile as Actress/Producer/Mother of 3/Southern Girl, I'll stick with the "Actress" moniker.