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Josh Boone adapting Lisey's Story or Look What Happens When You Burn Your Kid's Books

"Childhood dream"   Those two little words quite accurately sum up director Josh Boone's regard for author Stephen King, but can only hint at what must be the director's barely-contained excitement.  Boone, in the midst of post production on The Fault in Our Stars, and Stephen King go back, way back. He even got King to play himself in a cameo in Stuck in Love. In the film, originally entitled Writers, Rusty receives a phone call from King who tells the 16 year old writer that he loves his story. Rusty (Nat Wolff) - who Boone acknowledges is a version of himself - is delirious. The real thirty-four year old Boone must be over the moon to take on Lisey's Story.

And to think it all began because his religious parents wouldn't let him read the King of the horror genre! And with a fan letter that Boone wrote the acclaimed author.  Here's what Boone told Screen Daily

"I was raised by Baptists and I always loved Stephen King when I was young because I wasn’t allowed to read him. I would tear the covers off Christian books and glue them to Stephen King books so I could get away with reading them without getting busted. … My parents found them once and burned them in the fireplace. [When] I was 12 I wrote King a letter just telling him how much I loved his books and how much they meant to me. I came home from school a couple of weeks later and my dad [said], “There’s a box here from Stephen King.” And he had written me this beautiful letter inside the front cover of these books and he sent me a signed limited edition of one of his books. He was just so kind and my parents were so moved that he took the time to do that they [said], “It’s cool. You can read Stephen King now.”

EEK. His parents burnt his books! They sound like characters straight from a King novel! Boone, who clearly stayed a fan, counts King's 2006 novel, Lisey's Story as one of his faves.
 Here's the skinny straight from StephenKing.com.
Two years after her husband's death, Lisey Landon decides it's time to go through his office to clear out his papers.  Scott Landon was a bestselling novelist and Lisey has been besieged by people wanting to buy any of his unpublished work but she is determined not to let that happen.  As she begins the process of cleaning, she is contacted by an unsavory character who claims that if she does not turn over the papers, he will make her suffer the consequences.  Finding strength she did not know she had and never used during their marriage, Lisey refuses, and true to his word, "Zack McCool" begins to stalk her.  Lisey begins to remember strange events from her marriage that she had suppressed and finds clues that may help save her life.
I haven't read the book but I will, plenty of time before this hits screens. What delights me most though is the story of a boy who reached out to his hero and made magic happen.