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Hunger Games: Catching Fire Costumes from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Designer Kick Ass

Katniss' kick-ass character and the dystopian action aside, one of the aspects of The Hunger Games that I enjoyed most in the first film was the inventive wardrobe design by costumer Judianna Makovsky. The often outlandish avante-glam designs enhanced by techno wizardry were stunning, especially the clothing Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss wore in the Capitol, 'Capitol Couture' as it were.  For Catching Fire, Makovsky is gone and Trish Summerville (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) has the reigns.  I featured Summerville, who clearly knows how to dress her kick-ass women, in this post on the Girl with Dragon Tattoo line of clothing at H&M.  It looks like she's done another remarkable job here - as well as having another retail tie in collection, the Capitol Collection from Summerville is now available at Net-a-Porter. And don't fret about Makovsky; she's been busy with other projects including the upcoming Captain America:The Winters Tale.

Design by Tex Saverio

Summerville talked with The New York Times about the new designs, including the frothy wedding dress from illustrator/designer Tex Saverio.
"For her grand entrance to the 75th Hunger Games kickoff, Katniss dons a fantasy wedding dress by the Jakartan designer Tex Saverio — the one she might have worn had her nuptials to Peeta not been quashed by the games.
“I wanted to have a subliminal feel of flames and feathers to keep her the Girl on Fire while also representing the Mockingjay,”  
According to the Times "Mr. Saverio’s froth of layered organza features a flame-inspired silver corset and fabric peacock feathers sprouting at the waist. As Katniss* twirls, the gown erupts, and an iridescent Mockingjay dress rises from the ash. Using images of a mockingbird, blue jay, pheasant and peacock, Ms. Summerville worked with an illustrator and graphic designer to create patterns of feathers and wings, which she then had printed on chiffon and built into the Mockingjay dress."

Amazing stuff as one look at the expression on Stanley Tucci's (Ceasar) face confirms. Check out the entire article here including what the designer said to actor Josh Hutcherson about manning him up. "I was like, 'We have to dude you up.'  

* I saw Jennifer Lawrence being interviewed alongside actor Josh Hutcherson on some television show and the interviewer was gushing over the dress, lamenting how sad Lawrence must have been to give it up. Lawrence kind of rolled her eyes and sighed; she confessed the dress was heavy and tiring to wear and that when it was time to stop wearing it, she was happy to do so. Because the dress was so difficult to take on and off, costar Josh Hutcherson claimed Lawrence actually "had to pee in a bucket" which is likely true. TMI?