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Catching Fire: "Your job is to be a distraction."

I guess it would be a bit odd to find oneself on a book-to-movie blog and not find a trailer for The Hunger Games:Catching Fire movie, so go ahead and scroll down for the most recent one. The trailer features Lordes covering Tears for Fears'  "Everyobyody Wants to Rule the World"; it sounds pretty damn gorgeous. 

Following the trailer, there's a short clip of Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch talking about their new roles; is a spoiler alert necessary? I plead guilty to negligence in terms of keeping up with the wildly popular franchise.  Not to worry, I don't think they've noticed. The second installment in what would have been a trilogy - the third book in Suzanne Collin's Hunger Game series, Mockingjay is now being broken up into two films - comes out on November 22 to an excited and expectant fanbase.

Will the movie live up to their hopes? If the film's reception at the London premier and some of the early reviews have it right, Collins' fans will gleefully gobble it up. Check out the media below and let me know what you think.