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What is Shailene Woodley's favorite book? Hint - it's NOT TFIOS!

I'm overdue to check in with The Fault In Our Stars so let's play a little catch-up. 

Biggest news is the film has a release date; June 6, 2014. Just over seven months away.

Author John Green has been in Pittsburgh tweeting and posting Instagrams and basically fun little you tube videos nonstop from the set. It's been a steady stream, tweets, retweeted, again and again. The cast and crew and fans seems to be having a blast goofing, sharing like crazy. 

For now production has wrapped in Pittsburgh (which has been playing Indiana) and the big question now is when do they shoot in Amsterdam. An especially important move since we're all eager to see beautiful Amsterdam, especially the amazing scene where Hazel climbs courageously to the top floor in the Ann Frank House. If you've been to Holland you know how crazy vertical their stairways are! Breathtaking. Literally.  

I'd hoped to get a glimpse of the Spring Snow phenomenon which John Green describes so exquisitely in the book. The Ieppen, as the Dutch call it, takes place in Amsterdam in the spring when the elm trees drop their tiny seeds which fall and float through the air held aloft by the breezes. Once again the Spring Snow takes place in the spring, at the end of April, beginning of May. I had hoped the filmmakers would find a way to work that out but how can they with a release date of June 6th? It may seem like a superficial detail but I was darn attached to that stuff. Read my Spring Snow post which links directly to Amsterdam's Spring Snow site.  For more The Fault In Our Stars news check out The TFIOS File

Now, to the question of Shailene Woodley's favorite book. Which, we learn somewhat awkwardly in the video is NOT The Fault In Our Stars. TFIOS is reportedly a close #2 though. So what is Woodley's all time favorite novel?  Watch the video below or scroll way way down and I'll put it at the bottom of this screen. 

                        On The Fault in Our Stars set September 10th  Length: 4 mins

I also watched this Q&A with John Green and Nat Woolf who plays Isaac who is blind and blond in the book. In the film he's blind but brunette, his natural color.  John Green says he doesn't give a hoot about stuff like that. AND Nat shares his favorite book which is also NOT TFIOS. 

Q&A with John Green and Nat Woolf Length: 4 mins

What is Shailene Woodley's favorite book? George Orwell's 1989.