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The Wolf of Wall Street: 2nd Trailer features Leo and lines and squares, Oh My!

Wasn't it just a couple of days ago that I posted that dizzying Dancing Leo gif and the news that the release date for The Wolf of Wall Street had indeed been pushed from November to Christmas Day?  While it seemed director Martin Scorsese was worried about the film's readiness, Paramount has gone ahead and released the second official trailer. (BELOW)

I LOVE it.  Besides giving us a closer look at some of the characters and that whole stock market gangsta vibe,  I'm really taken with what Scorsese and production designer Bob Shaw have done with the steely gray color palate and the architectural framing. Squares, rectangles, and lines fill the background again and again.  Window panes, ceiling tiles, partitions; there are no soft edges - except for a brief glimpse at a nursery. Everything else - the colors, the windows, the panels, all those hard lines boxing the characters in; visually everything seems to emphasize the desperation and emptiness of Belfort's lifestyle. 3/2/2014 Just rereading this and thinking about the crazy chaos of The Wolf of Wall Street. Another reason for all those lines, adding some structure, a way to ground and solidify the background so we can focus on the the wildness and debauchery of the characters.  What do you think? Take a look and let me know.  Do you see what I see? Maybe we should have some sort of counting contest?  And what did you think of the movie? Here's what I thought.

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