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Taylor Swift cast as Rosemary in The Giver

Taylor Swift has just joined the cast of The Giver as Rosemary. As written in Lois Lowry's Newberry Prize winning novel the role of Rosemary isn't huge; she's the young woman who preceded Jonas as a Receiver but couldn't handle it. 

The Giver tells Jonas - 
"She was a remarkable young woman. Very self-possessed and serene. Intelligent and eager to learn."
and what he reveals about her training -
"It broke my heart, Jonas, to transfer pain to her. But it was my job. It was what I had to do, the way I've had to do to you."

Decent casting IF Swift can act. 

Hmmm. I posted back in August that The Giver was finally headed to the screen with Jeff Bridges in the titular role.  I kvetched about the casting of 20-something Brenton Thwaites (above in Blue Lagoon) as Jonas the 12 year old boy who is destined to be the next Receiver in the colorless world of pain-free stultifying sameness.- he's the one charged with holding the memories of life as it was once known; all the senses, the colors, the pain and pleasures for the people. Reliving horrifying events, being intimately acquainted with real pain is a tremendous burden to place on Jonas who, much like Rosemary is much affected by the sensations and memories.  Anyway Jonas is supposed to be a thoughtful courageous pubescent kid on the verge of growing up NOT some studley hero. 

Sixteen year old Odeya Rush (seen above in The Odd Life of Timothy Green) has been cast as Jonas'  friend and 'favorite female' Fiona so it  is clearer and clearer to me that the filmmakers are aging - and possibly sexualizing - the children making fundamental changes to the original dynamic. I would have expected to see a young actor a la Hugo's Asa Butterfield.

Fume fume fume

Alexander Skarsgard, the wannabe dad in What Maisie Knew is onboard as Jonas' father, along with Katie Holmes as the boy's mother.  Meryl Streep is firmly in place as the main elder.