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Novelists turned Screenwriters: Where are the women?

Aargh!  Last May, Word and Film did a piece called Seven Novelists Turned Screenwriters Who Succeeded (One Way or Another) in Hollywood. Today IndieWire came up with their list; they call their piece, 12 Celebrated Novelists Turned Screenwriters and How They Fared
You can read the articles for the full rundown on their picks; here's the two lists side by side.

Word & Film                        IndieWire
William Faulkner                                     William Faulkner
Michael Chabon                                      Michael Chabon
Dave Eggers                                           Dave Eggers
Aldous Huxley                                         Aldous Huxley
Mario Puzo                                              Mario Puzo
William Goldman                                     William Goldman

Ray Bradbury                                          Michael Crichton
                                                               Raymond Chandler
                                                               Larry McMurtry
                                                               John Steinbeck
                                                               Nick Hornby

Anything stand out? Like the fact that there's not a woman - or any minority - on either list.
Just a bunch of white guys, almost half of them dead. Maddening. I understand that all of us that don't happen to be white men are still at the starting gate in terms of cinematic history - hmmm, wonder why that is?! - but surely there's a female or two who belong on such a list.
So bookish movie fans, here's a homework assignment for you. Let's find some female authors who've also worked in the world of film and television.  The magnificent Margaret Atwood dabbled, writing a couple of episodes for television shows in the 80's. Clearly film isn't where Atwood's interest lies; whereas Nora Ephron clearly fit the medium to a T, writing a slew of sensational and successful scripts before and after the film Heartburn, based on her novel did so well. I'd say she deserves a mention! My depth of knowledge is really shallow here, HELP! Any nominees?

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