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Gone Girl Image Gallery #book2movie


Update: 9/24/2014
Gone Girl images, courtesy 20th Century Fox view them below, newest ones first.

Update: 12/30/2013 
The first 'official' image from the movie was just released by 20th Century Fox, an image of Ben Affleck as Nick as well as Amy (Rosamund Pike) on a MISSING poster with her parents in the background. Check it out here

Originally posted 10/23/2013
It is sooooo gray here in L.A. today! So I snuggled up with my laptop and cruised around for behind the scenes images from Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris. The images are via the SouthEast Missourian, located in Cape Girardeau where Gone Girl is currently filming.
Ben Affleck chatting with director David Fincher pre-shooting
Tyler Perry as Tanner Bolt and Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne, 
hang about waiting to shoot the jailhouse visit scene.
Extras enroute to set in their MISSING Amy Dunne t-shirts
 Cape Girardeau local, Connor Norman in MISSING t-shirt.
"The Bar" looks like it's been there forever!


  1. I saw the movie here in Oman and they literally removed the sex scene of NPH & Amy / shower scene of Nick & Amy... kind of disappointing since I was looking forward to seeing how it was all packaged after passing the NC-17 rating of MPAA...

    1. That sex scene with NPH was intense; I definitely jumped. The shower scene was not so shocking. I'd heard full frontal on Ben Affleck but I didn't notice! I thought it was pretty tastefully done actually. But the NPH scene, holy moly!


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