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Dreaming of France: Madame Bovary Redux

Having just posted the trailer for the 1949 production of Madame Bovary starring Jennifer Jones, I thought share the trailer for the more recent adaptation starring Isabelle Huppert. I'm planning on watching both films before the Mia Wasikowska movie - filming in in the Normandy area of France now - arrives next year.  And debating rereading the novel.  I know I should, I really should.  

Let's take a look at the trailer for Claude Chabrol's 1991 making of Flaubert's masterpiece; I'm looking forward to some looks at the lush Oscar nominated costumes and plenty of French sights and sounds for the Dreaming of France meme lovers. 

Ha! Showing my age; my first thought is -  'oh, to have a field to run in!'  But it does look quite luscious, n'est-ce pas?  Variety reports that sources close to Barthes say of Barreneche's screenplay “the adaptation is a period piece that is faithful to Gustave Flaubert’s original story, [but] it is a fresh retelling of the classic novel, em[emphasizing the more youthful and contemporary themes. 
Honestly, at this moment the idea of Madame Bovary being produced as yet another period film from a literary classic sorta bores me. I have no doubt it will be gorgeous and Mia - Jane Eyre - Wasikowska is the vision of Flaubert's Bovary.  I'm sure director Sophie Barthes will bring her own vision but frankly I'm wishing for a modern retelling. That I think would really be luscious.