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Thomas Sadoski goes Wild with Reese Witherspoon*

Jeff Daniels aside, one thing I love about The Newsroom is Thomas Sadoski (above, center) who plays Don, the producer type formerly hung up on Maggie (Allison Pill) but lately turning his eye to socially inept financial reporter, Sloan Sabbith played by Olivia Munn. As a potential partner, Sloan - who shocked us all with her assertive smooching of Don - is so much more appropriate and interesting for him than Maggie. 

If The Newsroom was stage actor Sadoski's big non-stagey break, then WILD will be his big theatrical feature film coup. Sadoski has just been signed to appear opposite Reese Witherspoon in the Nick Hornby scripted adaptation of Cheryl Strayed's memoir about trekking the 1000 mile long Pacific Crest Trail in the wake of her mother's death and failed marriage.  

Cool side note: Sadoski earned a Tony nomination for the role of Greg in Neil LaButte's Reasons to be Pretty, Sadoski originated the role off-B'way opposite Allison Pill.(Above) 
Sounds like success couldn't happen to a nicer guy; check out what playwright LaButte had to say about what Sadoski brought to the part and the play. 
“His own thoughtfulness and good heart helped me to not fall back on anything that I had done before. My plays usually end darkly. I always thought that was real life, that there were always shades of gray, but he helped me see some other colors in the palette.”

So, fellow Newsroom fans and those of you who've read Wild, what say you? How does Sadoski strike you as Strayed's ex? 

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* Cliche? Agree:(