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The Railway Man FIRST trailer

Colin Firth is Eric Lomax is The Railway Man in the film based on Lomax memoir

Thank you Harvey Weinstein! The head of Weinstein films secured US distribution rights for The Railway Man after seeing the Colin Firth/Nicole Kidman biopic when it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival a few days ago. 

Here's what Weinstein said about the film in the company's press release yesterday.

"Commented TWC Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein: “With remarkable performances from Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Jeremy Irvine, Jonathan Teplitzky has crafted a moving and compelling film based on an incredible true story of a man named Eric Lomax, who was a POW during World War II. After watching people jump to their feet applauding when the credits rolled with tears in their eyes, we knew this was a film we wanted to help take to audiences across America.”

Hiroyuki Sanada as Nagase, Lomax' Japanese prison camp tormentor

While I've heard actual reviews are mixed I confess to a case of misty eyes when watching the just-released trailer. (Scroll down to see it now.) The film jogs between world war two and several decades later, with Lomax, who died just last year, seeking out his wartime tormentor, Nagase played by LOST's  Hiroyuki Sanada. On a cool little note of trivia, back in 2000 Sanada played the fool for a year in a Royal Shakespeare Company production of King Lear; the first Japanese actor to have worked with the RSC, Sanada received an honorary MBE for his efforts. 

Excellent physical casting! Jeremy Irvine actually looks like a young Colin Firth.
War Horse's Jeremy Irvine, plays the younger Lomax, with Tanroh Ishida taking on the younger Nagase.  Director Jonathan Teplitzy has Firth to thank for Nicole Kidman's presence; Firth asked Kidman to take the part of his wife after Rachel Weisz backed out due to scheduling conflicts. (Frankly I can't wait to see Firth and Kidman as a married couple in the screen adaptation of SJ Watson's "Before I Go To Sleep" due out in 2014.)

The decidedly delicious Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman in The Railway Man

Getting Weinstein on board is a huge get for the filmmakers; Weinstein gets super into his projects, often sounding more like an advocate - a fan even - than a biz guy. Count on him to put the full weight of his resources into making the $26,000,000 project a hit. I'm hoping he'll get the film into US theaters sooner rather than later; for the time being the UK/Aussie co-production is set to open in Australia this December. 
Watch the trailer - what say you? 

And finally, for my regular readers, friends and followers - thank you for your patience! What did John Lennon say; 'life is what happens while you're busy making other plans?'
First I was out of blogging commission with some personal gunk - nothing serious AND that aspect is now under control - then the internet gods punished me for any number of sins and my connection went in and out in and out for a week, barring me from even accessing my own blog. I think I'm back on track now; thanks for hangin' in with me. The net and I will try to behave.