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The Fault In Our Stars shooting script: "Off to a great start"

SCOTT Neustadter, half of the writing team behind The Fault In Our Stars screen adaptation tweeted the pic of the TFIOS script out to the cast & director with the message "off to a great start" today.  He was making a reference to his name incorrectly watermarked on the latest draft as STEVEN.  OUCH! Can't a writer get a little respect? LOL! Some poor production coordinator or staff assistant is going to get a talking to. But seriously, the Scott not Steven Neustadter/Michael H. Weber team deserves the love; the screenwriters behind 500 Days of Summer are the same duo behind the luminous The Spectacular Now (currently in theaters - here's my take on the movie ) as well as having Coraline - a story about the woman Romeo spurned with Lily Collins rumored to be attached - in the works.
More news for the TFIOS file; author John Green is going to do some sort of cameo in the film. I just love that!
So here's the casting that's been announced; it's most of the major players ... still waiting for Peter Van Houten.  

Shailene Woodley/Hazel Grace
Ansel Elgort/Gus
Nat Woolf/Isaac
Laura Dern
Sam Trammel/ Mr. Lancaster
Author John Green/His mysterious cameo has been cancelled :(

That's the roster as of this moment; I think the casting is shaping up nicely but for me it all hinges on Ansel Elgort as Gus. Having seen her in The Descendants and The Spectacular Now I have no doubt Shailene Woodley will shine as Hazel but I'm not at all familiar with Elgort as an actor. He's a little prettier than I pictured; not my particular brand of 'hot' but if he and Woodley click that's all that counts. It's all about Gus and Hazel.  I'm looking forward to seeing what lies beneath the cover of The Fault In Our Stars shooting script; are you?

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By the way, notice they're on the first set of changes (blue) now ... I wonder how many colors they'll go through? After the white draft the order goes blue-pink-yellow-green-goldenrod-buff-salmon-cherry and then they start over again, the second set is labeled of course, ie "second blue revision"  Here are the guys under pressure to keep it real.

Director Josh Boone
Scott Neustadter/Screenwriter
Michael H. Weber/Screenwriter