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The Fault In Our Stars Father Figure: Sam Trammell

News I've been waiting for; the part of Hazel's dad in The Fault In Our Stars has been cast. Director Josh Boone has selected Sam Trammell, who is both a respected television &  stage actor. The 40 something 5'8" (I pictured Mr. Lancaster taller, lankier) Trammell is best known as Sam Merlotte to fans of True Blood, and as Kit Marlowe's male lover in the eponymous off Broadway stage play. Mr. Lancaster isn't as large a part as that of Hazel's mother (Laura Dern) but it requires chops; Hazel's fathers' response to his daughter's cancer is to burst frequently into tears. Trammell, the New Orleans born, Brown University educated, Tony nominated actor does have an empathetic face. And the long and short of it is that's exactly who sweet old softie Mr. Lancaster is.

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