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Is the Gone Girl movie, um ... going yet?

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Steadily and surely, yes, the Gone Girl movie is coming along. YAY!? The last we heard officially, Ben Affleck was onboard as Nick with Rosamund Pike still considering the offered role of Amy in David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best seller.  I also told you back on July 26th that both Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris were said to have been offered roles; naturally speculation as to what parts each would take ensued. Gone Girl has now been updated on imdb.com  including both Pike and Neil Patrick Harris along with Affleck but currently the cast list doesn't indicate what part Harris is playing. Now that I've given the book a re-read, I'm sticking with Harris as Desi, Amy's former college beau. While Perry is not on the imdb list - which doesn't mean he's not in the movie - I'd love to see him as the celebrity lawyer, Tanner Bolt. Yes; Flynn has written Bolt in the book as a flashy white guy with a penchant for faux suntans and designer suits. To hell with the color of the character's skin; I'd like to see Perry bring it. He has the heft and the charisma. A reminder that Gone Girl author is co-writing the script with Fincher; whatever tweaks are made are done so with her blessing (or her arm twisted). 

To tell you the truth I'm a little wary about the screen adaptation. It's not Fincher;  I'm a fan; with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I thought Fincher upped the stakes beautifully in his very visceral take; he knows how to build and create tension. The Social Network and The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons are among my favorite films. But I question his casting here, especially of Affleck (again, a fan) as Nick who is supposed to be younger and full of boyish charm before he turns into that awful guy. Maybe Fincher is banking on Affleck oozing his personal cache onscreen; there's something about him - and he may be the nicest guy in the world - that makes you think he could be a slime-bag.  Not that he is, but he's got that cocky grin, and he did diss his wife at the Oscars basically saying their marriage was work, and, well he comes off a bit as an a**hole. Maybe Fincher has something; you don't have to be a younger man to be an immature sob. Alongside Affleck, Pike wiIl be fine although clearly not older like Gillian's Amy in the novel. Mainly I just wonder how you translate the dual (duel? haha) narrative from the ultimately unlikeable pair on screen? The unlikeability of the key characters and unsatisfactory ending of the novel being key factors. I loved reading the book but at the end; bleh. Kinda hated it.  So I don't know.  

 Fincher favorite, DP Jeff Crenoweth,was nomintated for his work on 
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
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At the very least the movie will look good: THR  reports that director of photography Jeff Cronenweth is reteaming with David Fincher on Gone Girl. Cronenweth is a fantastic and natural choice; he previously earned Oscar nominations for his work on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network; both Fincher films. For whatever reason Croneweth isn't  on the imdb listing yet; but THR is usually reliable and the choice makes absolute sense so I'll take their word for it. 

Will Donald Burt Graham, the Oscar winning production designer for 
David Fincher's 
The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons be back for Gone Girl?       

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Another production folk of note is Sue Chan for art direction - you saw her work under production designer William Arnold in Crazy Stupid Love; what that means is that the production designer has already been hired; probably months ago. And it's the production designer who hires the art director; probably with Fincher's okay.  I can't imagine Fincher not having - and wanting - approval of everything and everyone, especially key players, he's such a perfectionist. I also can't imagine Fincher not bringing back Donald Graham Burt, his Oscar and BAFTA winning production designer from Benjamin Buttons. Burt (Graham Burt?) also worked on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Social Network with Fincher and Cronenweth; Fincher would be a fool not to keep the threesome in place and Fincher is no fool; I think only Graham Burt's (I've decided) lack of availablilty could keep him from the film and professionally, at least, he's available. I'm going to go out on the cliche limb and make a wild prediction and say he's the man. Time will tell. 

Daniel Craig's journalist looked hip and sexy courtesy of Trish Summerville's
costume designs for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  Image Source: theshoesrtragic.tumblr.com
The other below the line job of note listed is Tom Macdonald listed as Key Set Costumer; another position indicating his department head, the costume designer has already been hired. No idea if TGWTDT's costume designer, Trish Summerville will be back but I hope so.  She should have won an award for bringing out the hip and accentuating the sexy in Daniel Craig's Michael Blomkist. I'd like to see her have her way with Ben Affleck. Stylistically speaking. She should be rested as her last project wrapped awhile ago; The Hunger Games is in post right now, readying for this fall's release.  Gone Girl will come out sometime in 2015; I'll keep you posted along the way. But tell me, what do you think of the casting? Have you come to peace with Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne?