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Will Traynor: Dreaming of France in Me Before You

"Where would you go, if you could go anywhere?" Le Marais, Paris

My weekend reading, the devastating Me Before You, had me shedding tears aplenty but there was also plenty to smile at in this powerful, enlightening and utterly surprising novel.  
Louisa, has been hired on to be a caretaker/companion to Will Traynor, the handsome but bitter quadriplegic who has decided to end his life. Yes, it's that blunt and emotionally loaded. Louisa's goal is to make Will's life so full of adventure and surprise that he changes his mind. Will, on the other hand, is intent on making small-town girl Louisa live a larger life than the one afforded by her place of birth and education. 

"Promise me you won't spend the rest of your life stuck around this bloody parody of a place mat." Will tells her, the fact that he's the one stuck in the wheelchair not lost on Lou or the reader.  "You only get one life." Will tells her. "It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible."

When Louisa asks him where she should go, Will's first thought is Paris. Ah, Paris. If only a cafe au lait and a croissant was the answer to everything.

A smile settled across his face now, his eyes creasing with pleasure.
"Paris. I would sit outside a cafe in Le Marais and drink coffee and eat a plate of warm croissants with unsalted butter and strawberry jam.""Le Marais?" "It's a little district in the center of Paris. It is full of cobbled streets and teetering apartment blocks and gay men and orthodox Jews and women of a certain age who once looked like Brigitte Bardot. It's the only place to stay." 
Me Before You, Jojo Moyes
The screen rights to Me Before You have been optioned by MGM.
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